"I’m thankful. I feel beautiful. I feel special. I feel like dancing. My body wants to dance" 

"I’m so grateful for Working Image for getting clothes together for me as I start my job and rebuild my life. Thank you" 

Volunteer your Time and Talent


"Your program is great for the community.

Don’t stop what you are doing." 

New Image is seeking volunteers so that our program continues to meet the needs of our community. If you have a few hours a week, every other week, or once a month, you can become part of our team. There are so many various tasks that make it possible to do what we do. Sorting clothes, filling the food bank rack, clerical jobs, writing grants, dressing clients, and more. We will find the job that fits your skills. The camaraderie among our volunteers is collaborative and new ideas are welcome as we work with our mission in our hearts and minds to serve our community.

Interested in volunteering?

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