"The time, attention, respect, clothes and accessories have already bolstered my self-esteem" 



Our Mission:

Where clothes build confidence.

New Image, with community partners, provides clothes and accessories to women in need of a helping hand. Sometimes women find themselves in situations that require a new wardrobe due to their life circumstances: domestic abuse, homelessness, financially insecure, new job, weight gain or loss due to an illness, and natural disasters, to name a few. We strive to encourage self-sufficiency, promote confidence, and assist our clients in achieving their personal goals. Women are referred to us through local social service agencies or a woman can apply without going through an agency.  Click on the application above, provide the information asked for and send.  We will contact you to make an appointment. 

We gather gently used clothes and accessories for our boutique and other social service programs. We provide a rack of clothes twice a week for our community food bank and give clothes to ARC, which serves adults with developmental disabilities.

Our clients' experience is unique as an appointment is scheduled with two dressing assistants. The experience is uplifting and respectful as clients try on various outfits. Clothes and accessories that meet the needs and personal taste of clients is a top priority. The items we provide are donated and we inspect for quality and style before they are available in our boutique.

New Image is a 503(c) non-profit organization and staffed by volunteers.

We are now accepting gently used women's clothes, outerwear & accessories. Our clients also appreciate costume jewelry. 

      ​Call 360.385.0300  for business hours.

1925 Blaine Street            Port Townsend, Washington