"It is my honor to be involved with Working Image, and to be serving women in our community.”

- Valerie


“Volunteering here has been my way of getting involved and giving back to the community. There is a satisfaction in meeting people when they drop off donations, sorting the clothes, and realizing these garments are ready to be put to use again 

"It is such a joy to be a part of helping women achieve their individual goals and develop new friendships working with our many devoted volunteers.”

- Martha 

"I enjoy helping women discover their inner beauty."

- Eve

helping someone look and feel better.”

- Kathleen

"For the past eleven years I have looked forward to my weekly volunteer commitment with Working Image. Providing a client with clothes and accessories for a new job, an interview or simply needed everyday clothing is an immeasurable and



Our Team



"I have loved volunteering for Working image for the past ten years! There is nothing more rewarding than watching women light up as they see new possibilities in both their wardrobes and themselves!"

- Linda B.



*Note: Not all of our wonderful volunteers are pictured.

"Eye opening and rewarding!"

- Norma


rewarding experience. Making a difference in a woman's life is powerful!"

- Ellen

"The best reward is a hug from the client! It's so nice to know they leave happy."

- Jeanne